Prestige Cars

The purchase of a prestige car can be a lengthy and complicated process. The problems you face are inevitable hours spent trawling internet sites, plodding around showrooms during your weekends, listening to salesmen’s pitches and still not being sure if you’ve found the perfect car at the best price. Groves makes it simple.

We bring a fresh perspective, redefining the way business is done in the motor industry. For a one-off payment we become your personal advisor for 12 months. During this time you can use us to buy up to three cars. We are dedicated to finding the perfect car for you, at the very best price possible. The one-off payment is our only fee – we take no percentage of the sale price, always passing on the savings directly to you.

Because of our unique position and extensive dealership contacts we regularly save our clients several thousands of pounds – far in excess of the one-off fee. We also often achieve fantastic part-exchange prices on behalf of our clients, saving even more on a great deal.

With excellent industry links, only dealing with companies who share our honest approach and high levels of integrity, we stay informed of premium car deliveries and exclusive buying opportunities. However, because we have no affiliations or financial arrangements with suppliers, our only vested interest is finding what’s best for you. We will always be completely honest when recommending a vehicle.

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